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How it works


Should you be unsure as to the choice of wine you wish to make when you arrive for your appointment, we encourage you to sample some representative wines at our wine bar or come in and purchase wines to sample at home.  Once you have decided, you and your wine coach will spend 20-30 minutes assembling your juice and special ingredients, mixing your creation and adding wine yeasts. Your WINE Cellar uses only the highest quality juice and ingredients in order to ensure wines that are comparable to commercial quality.  Our juice is sourced through a juice broker who selects award winning vineyards and purchases their excess juice.  From this we are able to make high quality wines without extra preservatives which are fully guaranteed and will last 3-5 years.


While you wine ferments and makes it's way through it's processes for the next 6-9 weeks your job as vintner is not over! During this time you can create your custom wine labels and gather your team for your bottling appointment date!


You will spend less than one hour rinsing, filling, corking, and labeling the 30 bottles of your very own creation. Congratulations you have now become a vintner!


Most wines are ready to drink the day you bottle.  Our full-bodied reds will continue to age for up to 18 months after bottling, but can be drank young.  Whites become smoother after just a few weeks of aging. 

Reservations for wine making are suggested, so call (440) 239-8788 right away for your vinting appointment.