Discover The Fun Of Wine Making

Making your wine

To decide the wine you wish to create for your wine making appointment, we encourage sampling our wines or to purchase bottles to try at home. 

After choosing the wine you wish to make, schedule your appointment to work with your wine maker.  You will spend roughly 45 minutes assembling your juice and wine making ingredients to create your wine. Only the highest quality juice is used in order to ensure wines that are comparable to commercial quality.

You will surprise your friends and family with how amazing the wine you made tastes!  Wine bottled in new bottles comes with a full one year warranty

make an appointment

Call or email us to book an appointment. Each appointment is an hour long per batch allowing time for tasting and making.

come make your wine

Samples are available of most of our offerings to make sure you will be happy with your finished batch. We will show you the different aspects of the wine making process as well as make your personal batch of wine.

Customize your labels

While your wine ferments, start thinking about your custom labels. We will help you design them if you need help!

Bottle Your Wine

You can come alone or make a party of it. With a few steps to this process we recommend a few extra hands to move the process along. You will get to learn all about how to wash, fill, cork, label and shrink wrap your wine.

More Information


Download the brochure below to find out the select wines that are available to make and the costs associated with making your wine. 


We can design something
for any occasion. You will work with our art director via e-mail and come up with a custom label design.

Contact Us

Have more questions?
Contact us via our web form and we can help you schedule the right appointment for you.

Bottling Time

You will spend about one hour washing bottles, filling with wine, corking, labeling, and shrinking foil toppers on the 30 bottles of your very own wine creation. Your coach will give you all the instructions on how to do this, as well as how to care for your wine and bottles, which are re-usable for your next batch of wine

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